Placenta Salve

This is another fantastic way to use your placenta as a healing agent! A salve filled with amazing organic herbs, all with amazing benefits, with your placenta powder added. This is brewed and strained, and lasts forever!


It is amazing for c-section scars, hemorrhoids, vaginal tears, baby acne, nappy rash, cradle cap, cuts and so much more!


This 100ml salve can be made and delivered with your capsules or can be made throughout your postnatal experience using 4 left over capsules. This salve can also be made without the placenta, and will just provide the benefits of the salve ingredients.


The organic herbs in the salve can provide benefits such as faster wound healing, reduced skin irritation and inflammation, improved skin integrity and provide a soothing and calming affect.


 Please email to enquire- may only be available in particular locations 


Placenta Salve 100ml- $25

All purpose Salve 100ml (placenta free)- $15