Meet The Team!

We have a new website!

We will be shutting this website down soon and celebrating our new one :)

Please make all new bookings through the new website.



Why choose us? 

  • We are the largest Placenta Encapsulation business, covering 3 states of Australia!
  • Our Encapsulation Specialists are highly trained and some of the most experienced encapsulators in Australia
  • All of our Encapsulators are verified members of Placenta Services Australia
  • We are a multidisciplinary team full of midwives, doula's, photographers and aromatherapists! 
  • We collect your placenta AND deliver your capsules to you, ensuring you have a stress free experience! 
  • We take pride in supporting you through your postnatal journey and always only a text message away
  • We are passionate about woman and family centred care!
  • We are a proud member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists 

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